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 We receive several hundred emails every week, and it sometimes takes us up to five days to respond to questions. If you are writing about order status, chances are you will have already received your order by the time we get to your email.

 We get many requests for shipping charges which are on the order page.

 We get many requests for costs in other country's currency; we do not do currency conversion.

 We get numerous requests for medical advice (how to use a product, whether or not it can be taken with other drugs, etc., whether or not our products can be taken if a person has a certain medical condition). You need to consult your physician. We cannot answer these emails because it is illegal for us to give ANY type of medical advice whatsoever.

 We get numerous emails asking us to compare our products with other company's products. We cannot answer these emails because we are not familiar with the products that we do not carry.

 Nearly ALL of the information we have about our products is on the web page, so if you have a product question, please read the web page first before emailing.

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