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Ultra Cranberry Extract™ contains Cran-Max®, a proprietary extract proven in clinical studies to support urinary tract health. Cran-Max® helps prevent and reduce Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) symptoms naturally and promotes a healthy urinary tract. It is the only clinically studied cranberry supplement on the market. Clinical studies have demonstrated that it reduces infections, reduces medical visits and reduces the need for antibiotics.

One Dose Per Day !

Cran-Max® is concentrated with a potency of 34 to 1, requiring only one dose per day! It is a proprietary mixture of natural plant fibers which form a lignan-cellulose matrix and provides 25% more fiber and more antioxidant activity than cranberry juice. It also contains standardized condensed tannins and fiber, and is the only cranberry supplement that contains the full phytonutrient value of the whole cranberry, not just a portion.


Cran-Max® is also the only cranberry supplement which utilizes the BIO-SHIELD system, a patented technology that allows bioactives to survive stomach acid and pass into the lower Gastrointestinal Tract (GI). This allows the active ingredients of the cranberry to be delivered to the GI for maximum effect.

Other Benefits

In addition to supporting urinary tract health, Cran-Max® also has other benefits, including the antioxidant effects, and heart and skin health support from the anthocyanins.

Additional Ingredients

Ultra Cranberry Extract™ also contains three well-known herbs for supporting urinary tract health: Zea mays (corn silk), Althea officianalis (marshmallow), and Barosma betulina (buchu). These three herbs add components to the formula to make a more complete urinary tract health supplement. Zea mays and Barosma betulina are astringent herbs that also may reduce inflammation, while Althea, a mucilaginous herb, adds a soothing effect.




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